Pumpkin Muffins

So, a few weeks ago my kids took a trip to a farm and brought back pumpkins. My son brought home a rather large one. After letting it sit for a long time we finally decided to do something with it. I found this yummy looking recipe for cream cheese pumpkin muffins (see below). We made them and they were very yummy. Normally I only eat one meal a day, but today I decided that I’d have one with my son (the day after baking). I was pleased to see that so far it has had minimal impact on my glucose (these are very low carb, but high in fat).

My glucose went from 76 (before eating) to 81 (an hour later) to 74 (two hours later). That small of a rise is barely a blip, just within normal fluctuations. I’m happy that I was able to share a treat with my son without it doing anything major to my glucose 🙂