Spaghetti Bowl Thoughts

So, its about 3:30am here in hospital land. Normally, at home I’d be sleeping or just getting back to sleep after having a few ounces of water.

I’ve been having lots of thoughts (who wouldn’t) about a longer than 1 or 2 night hospital stay. The biggest obstacle for me is that I’m on a 2L (64 ounce limit for water in 24 hours. Now, normally that is what we are supposed to aim for in everyday life. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s certainly not simple here. 8 8oz ounce glasses over 24 hours. Let’s see you do it!

EventMealIceIceMeal SubT
Amt8oz 4oz 4oz8oz24oz
Event Ice Ice Meds SubT Total
Amt4oz 4oz 3oz 11oz35oz
Time 7p89101112a
Event Meal Med Ice SubTTotal
Amt 8oz 3oz 4oz 15oz
Event Snack Ice Ice Ice SubT Total
Amt8oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 20oz 35oz

OK, So….hospital bed not so comfortable. If you are going to be in a hospital for more than 2 nights then ask for the waffle-top mattress pad. Its very comfy-cozy, and worth having.

Walls/decoration severely lacking. Peds does a much better job on that. They need to get some nice decorations for the halls and rooms, spice things up a bit. Maybe some nice stickers on the walls (ocean, books, fields, jungle, flowers, things like that).

Hosptial gown/pajamas … One size does not fit most. I had to ask for large size Peds gown/pants. Which, while the shirt is cuter (perfect for little kids) the gowns are bland, one color things. One thing they have going for them is that they are very soft.

Well, that’s it for now. More thoughts, and stuff, to come later.

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