Small Update

Today I had another paracentesis. I REALLY should have done 5 days, instead of 7. By day 6 I was miserable. My belly was so full it was next to impossible to even take my meds, and I even threw up some of my medications.

Anyway, today they drained 6L, that’s just about 1.5 gallons. 1 liter of fluid (water) weighs about 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds). I was carrying around 13 extra pounds!

I am working on lowering my glucose and increasing my fats. It should be a lot easier now that my belly isn’t stuffed with un-necessary fluids.

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7 thoughts on “Small Update”

    1. Psalm 91 has been a comfort to me during challenging times. It speaks of God’s great love for us and his promise to never leave or forsake us. Even during great distress as you are in with all these issues of fluids etc. He is still with you. I don’t know but He does. I give up but He won’t. I lose hope but He never does.
      In His perfect timing this will all pass and you will be renewed. Someday we will all get new bodies and pain and suffering will flee away.
      Until that day we pray for His presence with us and His protection over your beautiful family.

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