Health Update 3/10/2020

I know that its been a while since I’ve written an update.  I have some energy still, but I do feel tired too.  Currently, most of my electrolytes have been improving, but my phosphorus still seems to be low (they are not sure why).  I’ve been put on fluid restrictions for 24 hours a day.  This means that over 24 hours I can have no more than 2 liters of ingested fluids (including medicines).  This really sucks because I’d really like to have Sugar Free Tea from Starbucks (but I could easily drink 12-16 ounces of it in under an hour.  2 liters is the equivalent of 64 ounces of water (your basic target of 8 8oz cups in a day).  In the hospital when you don’t sleep much and the air is dry its really easy to want to drink more, especially when you are in a bed that is not nearly as comfortable as your one at home.  Right now I have about 4 hours left in my Fluid Restriction day, and I’m already down to only a few teaspoons of fluid left. 🙁  They are mostly worried about my sodium levels, which are pretty close to normal now.

My heart rate is still up in the 110s and 120s, so they are temporarily keeping me on the cardiology floor, where they can hook me up to remote telemetry (same thing like at the ER when they put the 4-5 stickers on you and hook you up to a monitor on the wall.

So, the basic plan is for me to have a baseline heart echo and then start the same chemo I first used, which seemed pretty effective at the time.  By then I should be up on the oncology floor, and hopefully the bed will be more comfortable.  After 2 rounds of the chemo (AC treatment) I will be switched over the a cardio-protective version (it takes longer to start working, which is why they aren’t starting with it).

So the doctors think that maybe this is a late side-effect of the Carboplatin/Gemzar I was taking.

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One thought on “Health Update 3/10/2020”

  1. Hi.

    I hate that you are in the hospital. That fluid restriction would be awful for me, too. I hope that you get out soon and can get something nice to drink.

    Hang in there.

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