Another Update

So, I’ve basically been in the hospital since March 6.

March 6-7 held in ER for observaton.
March 7-14 full Hospital Admit.
March 17-19 full Hospital Admit.
March 19 to current.

I was able to be released on the 14, in time for Opening Day for baseball. Mostly I felt OK, but was just tired. I ended up going back for a short stay. The doctors are really trying to get my electrolytes under control. The biggest is Calcium, which has been really high.

I’ve also had paracentesis several times.
March 18 removed 3.1L of fluid.
March 21 removed 4L of fluid.
March 25 removed 3.8L (think 2 2L bottles of soda.
March 30 removed 3.7L of fluid

So, a few of of the hardest things since being here are not getting enough/regular sleep. Eating keto, they do try but they don’t quite get it, and my 1.5 Liter fluid restriction. 1.5 Liters really isn’t much fluid. Thats only about 48 ounces of fluid over 24 hours. If I feel thirsty then I have to ration out my intake or eat fruit cups, because they don’t count as fluids (even though they have lots of sugar). Yogurts counts similarly.

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3 thoughts on “Another Update”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I am sorry to hear you are still in the hospital. I talked with Jacob for a bit last week while dropping off dinner. I will continue to provide dinner on Mondays. I am praying they will be able to release you soon so you can be back with your family. Hang in there.

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