A long few days – update

So starting around March 2nd or 3rd my abdomen started feeling tender. I chalked it up to constipation because I had been hatving trouble going. On March 4th I had my normal monthly labs drawn. I was called by my doctor saying my liver enzymes were extremely high (about 3x the normal high end). She wanted me to come in the next day to get IV fluids, hoping to bring my levels down. Well, that didn’t work and I got called that evening to go to the ER for more fluids. So, I went. They did lots of labs, and held me overnight for observation. They were fine with discharging me Saturday morning so I could see my kiddo’s Opening Day for baseball. They said my phosphorus was still crazy low, but my potassium had improved. But, they said if there was no improvement OR if I felt worse I should go back to the ER.

Well, this time at the ER they decided that with my liver being enlarged and electrolytes being outta wack they were going to admit me. The attending doctor told they probably should have just admitted me last night.

So, now I am out of the ER and hanging out in staging area that is for people who are waiting for an official room.

The latest labs show my electrolytes are still out of wack. I am still waiting to learn next steps, but I will likely be here for a few days until things can be figured out and a plan can be formed.

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One thought on “A long few days – update”

  1. Sorry to hear about this. I hope the Dr.s are able to figure out what is causing all this soon. Hang in there! Sending you prayers for the Dr.s to have wisdom and for you to experience strength and comfort during this time. <3

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