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The other day my son “Mario,” age 9, asked me about how I got cancer.  I wasn’t expecting the question at the moment because we hadn’t talked about it recently.  I explained to him that sometimes cells in the body start to misbehave and start doing things they shouldn’t or sometimes they don’t do things they should.  I really don’t know why it happened to me.

I do have to say that I still feel really well, and I can keep up with my 4 kids.  It does feel like the size of the lymph node in my left armpit has gone down now that I have been on Talzenna.  It’s hard to tell for sure though what changes are occurring.  And of course, I have no idea what changes are happening in my liver – I have to wait for the PET scan for that.

But, God is good, and He’s been seeing me through this.  Through this journey, I have been able to reach out to, and encourage others.  It can be so hard to walk through this and to stay encouraged.  I know God is there and He has been there with me the whole time.  But, I still wonder sometimes “why me?”

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