Looking Back at 2019

I’m sitting here writing this, around 11pm on 12/31. It has been quite a year, with the journey really starting in July 2018.

I’ve been taking Transfer Factor Plus (TF) for most of my time in chemo and treatment. I can see from my CBC blood tests that the TF has been a good addition to my treatment. It didn’t always bring my white cell counts up above the low-normal line, but it did keep it from going too low. I do know that when I talked to my oncologist about it she said that almost all the people who were taking Talzenna had to have dose reductions because of their white cell counts going too low. I did not have that problem at all. I do intend to continue taking the TF as it supports my immune system. TFs are an immune modulator, which is to say that it can either boost or suppress the immune system as necessary. Chemo is toxic by nature and really hard on the immune system. It is wise to do everything possible to safely boost your immune system so that you stay healthy.

I’m happy to still be here, doing well, and being relatively healthy despite my cancer diagnosis. My oncologist is equally pleased with my health, all things considered. She is quite surprised and pleased that I don’t have any of the common complaints that people on chemo have. I am not fatigued (despite caring for 4 children), I have a good appetite, and am basically in good health (not sick).

I have had ups and downs in my treatment, however. Some of the treatments have worked better than others, namely the chemo. The more targeted therapies have been more hit-and-miss as to their effectiveness.

I am looking forward to 2020 and the healing that I will receive in Jesus’ name!

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