Frustrations and Change

I met with my oncologist today.  We talked about the results of my PET scan – basically, the chemo wasn’t doing enough to keep my cancer in check.  It didn’t let it run rampant either, so that’s a plus.  We are changing the plan of attack and I am going to start taking a pill that should target mutations in the BRCA1 gene.

Wait?  I thought you said you didn’t have the BRCA mutation?!  Well, yes and no.  I don’t have the mutation in my blood (negative in the blood test).  The tumor itself does have a BRCA1 mutation, along with the NF1 mutation (expected), and two other mutations.  There is also a mutation in PIK3CA and PTEN.

The plan is for me to start taking Talzenna (talazoparib) because it can be used when BRCA mutations are present.  At this point there is no plan to target the other two non-NF muations.  After about 8 weeks on Talzenna I’ll have another PET scan to see what difference it has made.

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