First Cycle of 2nd Round of Chemo

Today I start my second round of chemo.

I have been fasting since supper on Sunday.  I’m feeling pretty good.  I hope that my next cycle (in one week) goes better.  That’s to not say there is something bad happening, but I ate about 70g of protein on Sunday, so I think that is part of why my ketones are lower than I’d like.

I did have a port inserted on Monday afternoon, so I’m sure some of the Monday numbers reflect the medicine that was in my system.  I’m hoping next week to a GKI closer to (or under) 1.  They are also pre-medicating me with Benedryl, Decadron, and Pepcid.

Sunday 4/21 @ 8:00p BG 83, BK 1.1 => GKI 4.19
Monday 4/22 @ 4:40pm BG 79, BK 1.1 => GKI 3.98
Monday 4/22 @ 8:50pm BG 76, BK 1.2 => GKI 3.52 (about 24hrs fasted)
Tuesday 4/23 @ 7:33am BG 84, BK 1.3 => GKI 3.60
Tuesday 4/23 @ 9:36am BG BG 78, BK 1.9 => GKI 2.28 (about 36hrs fasted)

Started pre-medication @ 10:20am, Chemo started around 10:50am
Tuesday 4/23 @ 11:37am BG 79, BK 1.9 => GKI 2.31
Tuesday 4/23 @ 2:37pm BG 95, BK 2.6 => GKI 2.03

I’m thinking that the medicines had an affect on glucose…either that or the liver was dumping glucose.

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