Chemo Follow-up

So, I started Cycle 2 on Oct. 28. This time when I asked for the pre-meds to be taken off my nurse was a bit hesitant. We talked about the different pre-meds and why I wanted them removed. While I wanted them all removed she wanted to compromise. I agreed and we decided to just keep the Zofran, for nausea control (even though I don’t have trouble with nausea). Zofran was much better than the Compazine, which we think caused some nasty side-effects (like trouble finding words when talking). November 4th is day 8 of Cycle 2. I’m hoping to have no pre-meds this time. We have a plan for a PET scan sometime towards the end of December, after my last cycle of chemo. There are several things planned as possible courses of action, but we just have to wait and see what the PET scan shows.

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