Cancer and Sugar

Ketogenic Caner Diet pointed this out, and I thought it was worth talking about .

Would someone please explain the American Cancer Society’s thinking to me?

On this page the American Cancer Society (ACS) talks about different kinds of scans that can be used to detect cancer and check how treatment is going.  They specifically say that PET scans use a radioactive glucose tracer because “Body cells take in different amounts of the sugar, depending on how fast they are growing. Cancer cells, which grow quickly, are more likely to take up larger amounts of the sugar than normal cells.”  OK, so cancer responds to sugar…got it.

Then, on another page the ACS lists a bunch of foods, and most of them contain some form of sugar (either added or natural).  Examples:

  • Fruit (fresh, frozen, canned, dried)
  • Ice cream, sherbet, and frozen yogurt
  • Juices
  • Add jelly and honey to bread and crackers.
  • Add jam to fruit.
  • Use ice cream as a topping on cake.

Why on earth would someone want to eat sugar-containing foods if their body, and cancer, is going to feed off it?  There are lots of ways to get the nutrients your body needs that don’t involve eating sugar or carbs.

I’ve been doing really well with how I am eating.  Yes, I do miss eating french fries with the kids, and I do miss a few other things, but you know what?  Cutting them out has been helping me be healthy.  I am 1-year post diagnosis, and going strong.  I am doing everything I can to eliminate the cancer that remains in my body.  If that means cutting out carbs and sugars then yes, that’s what I’m going to do.


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