Camp Wieser 2019 – Part 2 (the fun stuff)

This past weekend I had a chance to attend Camp Wieser with my family.  The camp is put on by the Me-One Foundation.  Their motto is “Me One, Cancer Zero”.  One thing they do is put on a camp (mini-retreat) for adult cancer patients and their families.  The only cost to the family is getting to the camp (gas, food, etc).  The rest of the weekend is fully paid for by the Me-One Foundation.

It was such a blessing to be able to relax and not have to be worried about anything else.  Each family attending the camp had either 1 or 2 hosts (depending on the number of children attending).  The hosts were responsible for helping the family get to any scheduled activities, such as spa appointments, or adventure appointments, as well as watching the children so the adults could have time to themselves.

As a mom of 4 it was nice to finally have more than 5 minutes of “me time.”  I was able to get a facial (a first experience), as well as a manicure (first time), and a 1-hour full body massage!

My children had so much fun running around and playing, and not having any worries.  My wonderful hosts even took turns watching my 1-year-old baby so that I could focus on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I did check in on my children, and see what they were doing, but they got to go have fun, and play with other kids and not have to fight over what activity to do.

My girls got to get their nails and hair done professionally (for the first time).  They loved the experience.  Everyone was so spoiled!

My son loved all the adventure activities.  They had something called the “Flying Squirrel” that he liked.  The way it works is that a person is put into a full harness and there is a rope that is attached to them and to a running team.  Then, when ready the person says a “go” word/phrase and the running team runs, pulling the person up!  Both older kids got to do it at least once.  They also did the zip line!

My son also enjoyed throwing an axe at a target.  There was so much to do that he ran out of time to do everything he wanted.  He had so much fun though.

On Saturday night we had a BBQ and square dance, and then the kids got to have lots of hot chocolate and smores.  The whole time at camp the kids were able to find snacks of chips and candy and all sorts of fun things.  They were so sad when it was finally time to go home on Sunday.

They camp also provided all the families with a bag of snacks for the drive home, as well as a gift card for gas!  This is in addition to the goodie bags that were waiting in our room!

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