August Update

So, I had an appointment with my oncologist today. Its been almost a month since I started taking a PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase) inhibitor (Talzenna). This isn’t really chemo and its not endocrine therapy. It is designed to specifically target certain parts of the cancer cells. I have already noticed improvements! I have not noticed any side-effects, and I’m feeling well and going great!

I did have a conversation with my oncologist about sugar and cancer and she mentioned that there are some studies coming out about how the two are linked, but specifically mentioned that there is a study looking at using metformin to reduce glucose levels in cancer patients. She also said that she has a patient who has a high A1C (somewhere around 5.5-6.0) who is taking metformin to lower their glucose! She asked if I was still following the ketogenic diet and I said yes. She is pleased with how well I am doing. She did say that metformin probably wasn’t a good choice for me at this time (since my A1C is good – 4.7) because she would worry about hypoglycemia. I said that since I’m eating ketogenic it wouldn’t be as big a deal because the ketones would make up for it.

Overall things went well today!

Next appointment is at the end of September, with a PET scan beforehand.

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    1. Not really considered, because she is worried that my glucose will go too low. I already have pretty good control over it. I can usually keep it under 90, and then under 100 after eating supper.

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