X-rays, Biopsies, Kids and Chemo

So, based on the results of the PET scan I ended up needing to have more x-rays of my right leg and pelvis.  Those weren’t bad at all since x-rays are non-invasive.  They did their best to shield baby, but sometimes it wasn’t great, but the benefits of having the x-rays was worth it.

I also had to have a liver biopsy – that was not fun at all.  We went with really light sedation (you have to be somewhat awake anyway so you can follow orders like when to hold your breath) because of the baby.  There were times when it really hurt, and I imagine its because they had to go in at funky angles because of the baby’s position.  My side is still a little bit sore, but pain rating is a 0.  The worst part of it was they were running behind so I hadn’t eaten since 11:30pm the night before the procedure.  I’d had a 12:30pm appointment, but it got delayed until 3:30pm. 🙁  It was over by 4pm, and then I had to stay flat on my back for about 3 hours, and try to not move.  That is really boring.  At least I was able to sip water thru a straw.  So, at 7pm I was finally allowed to eat, and I was happy, and baby was happy.  We had been without food for far too long.

Then my kiddos came for a visit and it was fun.  They all enjoyed seeing me and my nurse brought them juice and graham crackers.  They stayed for a bit and we hung out in the family room.  I told them about how I had a 180-degree view of fireworks for the 4th of July.  It was really amazing.  It was a great view (being up on the 8th floor will do that).  There were probably 8 shows that I could see, all from one spot, inside with nice seats, and a nearby bathroom!

After the kids left I went back to my room and started the prep for my chemo.  They gave me a steroid version of benedry, but something much stronger.  They also gave me anti-nausea meds, both short-term and long-term.  The first chemo they gave me was a 5-minute IV-syringe push that turned my pee bright orange!  The second one was a simple IV drip that went over an hour.  Since it was so late at night when I got it (around 11pm) I slept through it.

I’m feeling pretty good this morning, mostly hungry.

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