First PET Scan

1. Left breast mass with right axillary and supraclavicular FDG avid
lymphadenopathy. Possible additional left internal mammary adenopathy isĀ also noted.
2. Extensive FDG avid lesions involving the liver and skeleton as
described above.
3. Contralateral breast lesion (right breast) might represent
synchronous cancer, metastatic disease or a different breast pathology.
Correlation with mammography is recommended.
4. Lytic lesion in the right femoral neck with the possible subtle
fracture line seen at the posterior aspect. If there is clinical concern
dedicated femur CT should be obtained.
5. Several lesions in the vertebral bodies and posterior elements of
the spine may also be a risk for pathologic fracture. If there is concern
for cord compression, MRI is recommended for further evaluation.
6. Gravid uterus with grossly normal appearance of the fetus. FDG
activity noted within the fetal brain, heart, kidneys, and bladder, however, there is limited published literature concerning the normal distribution of FDG in a fetus.

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